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Data Intelligence

A.I powered People API identity graph shipped with phone data, social media & risk intelligence to block fraudulent activity and gain valuable user insights.


Unleash the power of SMS into mobile and web applications, be it a traditional SMS, reminders, notifications, OTPs, product promotions.


Build intelligent apps with the power of voice, we got you covered with text-to-speech, promotional campaigns, OTP's and powerful SDKs to work with.


Simple, Powerful & Robust {API}.

Build for developers by developers, easy to integrate APIs with a developer playground. Official and third-party SDK's to fast forward the entire process in the languages you already love. We didn't stop there, via integrations, we are extendable and automated through the tools you work with daily.

Detailed Analytics Report.

With the detailed analytics report, track the usage and API performance. Easy for brand managers to track the success rate and spending trends. No more complicated contracts. With the pay-as-you-go model, pay only for what you use and launch your next product.


Data and Communication Solutions Tailored to Meet Every Need.

Our unique solutions include the ability to build and scale according to your requirements.


Automate your workflow and stay focused with connected apps and APIs.



Validate & build profiles to have a better visibility about your users and improve sales.



Build innovative solutions on top of our APIs and data solutions.

Join the fraternity of millions of developers to build a better world.

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Frequently asked questions

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What exactly is Peoplestacks?

Peoplestacks is an all in one developer platform with multiple solutions like data intelligence, phone intelligence, SMS, Voice, Email and marketing APIs to make your life easier.

What data privacy policy do you have?

Our data are crowd-sourced from various sources, the first being the data sent to us by our customers and the second being the data provided by the vendors we work with. Peoplestacks strictly abides by the Privacy requirements of applicable regulations and relevant terms and conditions of our data partners. All of the social data that Peoplestacks acquires and accumulates is publicly available with the choice of the social network user within the rules and/or terms of service set forth by those social networks.

What level of data accuracy do you offer?

Data accuracy level varies from product to product. Some of the services like phone validation gives an 100% accurate information. We maintain an accuracy of 95 percent across other data services available in the platform. The level of accuracy will have a role in the plan which you are subscribed to. Contact your account manager to learn more about data accuracy.

What are the pricing structures?

The pricing structure depends upon the volume commitment and service level agreements. A default pricing can be tracked by logging to the dashboard and navigating to settings > pricing. Detailed pricing will be set by your account manager. Contact your account manager to learn more about product pricing.